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  Describe an interesting tradition in your country
  You should say:
  what it is
  where it came from
  when it occurs
  and say why you think it is interesting.
  Well, China has a long and rich history, you know, so we have countless traditions, but today I'd like to talk about what usually happens during the Spring Festival, which is the most important celebration for Chinese people.
  On Chinese New Year's Eve, all the family members would come back home for the family reunion dinner, no matter where they are and how far away they are from home. And it's not an ordinary meal, I mean, every dish has its special meaning. For example, we must eat fish that day, because in Chinese, fish is pronounced as YU which sounds like "surplus", so you see, that's a good wish for the coming new year, meaning that the family would make more than enough money.
  And I'm sure you know the tradition that everyone has to eat dumplings on New Year's Eve. The interesting part is, when we make the dumplings, we would mix some coins or peanuts into the fillings, and the one who get the specially made dumpling would have good luck throughout the whole year. I know it sounds a little superstitious, but it's a time-honored tradition.
  And there's another activity we have to do during dinner, which is like a ritual, that is, to watch the Spring Festival Gala broadcast by China Central Television. It's an annul variety show, and it's the most watched TV show all around the world, you know, because of the large population in China.
  Anyway, I think it is the tradition that helps people get in festive mood during Chinese New Year, so I believe it's worth passing on the next generation.

重点单词   查看全部解释    
surplus ['sə:pləs]


adj. 多余的,过剩的
n. 过剩,剩余物,

describe [dis'kraib]


vt. 描述,画(尤指几何图形),说成

population [.pɔpju'leiʃən]


n. 人口 ,(全体)居民,人数

festive ['festiv]


adj. 欢乐的,节日的,喜庆的

ritual ['ritjuəl]


n. 仪式,典礼,宗教仪式,固定程序

pronounced [prə'naunst]


adj. 显著的,断然的,明确的 pronounce的过

variety [və'raiəti]


n. 多样,种类,杂耍